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It has become the norm for people to trust their peer reviews more than they trust a business. Because of this, Yelp is a huge part of today’s consumer culture. Did you know that only 14% of customers would consider using a business with one or two stars? Ouch, that hurts. In our experience, it’s vital to put your best foot forward on your Yelp page. That’s why we are part of the Yelp Advertising Program.

63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews.

Yelp Partnership Benefits

How does this strengthen my Yelp presence?

Listing Management

The program allows you to best manage and update your business information such as business names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, menus, and photos. Maintaining this location data helps your customers find you.

Local Ads

We help you promote your business on the Yelp platform via location-targeted, cost-per-click search advertising to an audience who is most likely to buy. Stats show that 79% of visitors make their purchase within one week of searching for a business.

Profile Enhancement

The Yelp program allows us to assist you in creating a profile that is built for conversions. Add call to action buttons, video content, and reorganize your photography to best encourage an audience to purchase.

After visiting Yelp, 93% of visitors make a purchase from a local store.

Our Partner Benefits

Official Yelp Partner

We are official Yelp Partners, which means we allow you to go month-to-month with no minimum length term contracts. We also provide you with better service because we can go straight to our Yelp source when there are questions.

Specialized Training

We’ve received training and certifications to increase our understanding of Yelp and its platform. We also get customized solutions we can implement with you!

Engagement Metrics

We can get Yelp engagement metrics directly through the back end. This means we can report user views, clicks, and phone calls for better insights and analytics. Ultimately, this means better business decisions for you!

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