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Email marketing is a unique way of connecting with your customers because of one simple thing: they’ve signed up to be there. You already have an established relationship with these people because they’ve either worked with you in the past or elected to receive the newsletter voluntarily. Because of this, you have a database of people who actually WANT to hear from you. Engaging these people with monthly newsletters can be a great way to brand yourself, educate people, maintain their business, or remind them of something. Whether you’re sending out featured products or reminding someone that items are still in their cart, a email marketing is an effective way to do it.

Consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those that don’t receive email offers.

Showcase your brand.

Your newsletter is a way to showcase who you are on a monthly basis. The look and feel can be consistent with the rest of your marketing materials, making it recognizable to anyone who has done business with you before and memorable to those who have not. You can use the newsletter to brand yourself with monthly stories, employee spotlights, or even engage the readers with contests. You also send out content every month that can send customers to your website, present the latest industry news, or announce an upcoming event or promotion. Ultimately, it’s a way you can show people what you’re about all while sending them somewhere they can purchase, learn, or choose to do business with you.

77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email.


Educate consumers.

You might not think of the word “educate” when it comes to making sales, but making sure your potential customer makes an informed decision is hugely beneficial to you. Your newsletter is an opportunity to tell people WHY they should choose you, what the benefits are, why your product or service is superior, and more! You’re educating the consumer on why you are the best choice for their particular situation. With newsletter additions such as monthly blogs and product spotlights, you give the reader the opportunity to learn more and experience your company for themselves.


Maintain & remind.

Your newsletter acts as a gateway for old and new customers alike. You maintain an existing relationship with current customers by reminding them to repurchase, refill, and refer. You inspire new customers to buy with promotions, events, and content to encourage them they’re making the right choice with your business. Incentivize people. Get new, user-generated content by prompting photo submissions with a prize. Run a campaign to encourage customers to check out your reviews. All of these things can be prompted through email marketing.

These are the email services we offer.

  • Create – we design and create copy for your email campaigns.
  • Deliver – we manage all aspects of scheduling and delivery, anything from rotating monthly deals to one-time special events.
  • Manage – we can create segmented subscriber lists, create custom surveys, manage your email lists, and integrate your website to your email marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics – we provide full reporting on all email campaigns. Track performance, monitor trends, view your list growth over time, see activity reports, and much more.

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